Cleaning Angels company was established in 2007 with a goal to provide professional, affordable and secure residential cleaning services. This is a family run business because only a friendly and united family can create coziness and comfort at your house.


Our housecleaning team will arrive at your home with all the necessary supplies and equipment to do a great cleaning at your home. Just tell us what exactly you want and the job will be done in no time with 100% satisfaction.

All house cleaners are professional, energetic and well trained. We make sure that your house is cleaned with attention to even the smallest details. Our friendly team will clean your house like their own without missing a single spot. The team will leave your place crystal clean and fresh, you will hardly want to go out even if the weather is nice outside. We understand that your home is your castle and that’s why we make everything possible to make your stay in it pleasant and enjoying.


It is our goal to provide healthy living environment in your home and high quality house cleaning services at an affordable price. The cleaners appreciate your valuable time, and we will relieve you from tedious home cleaning chores.

So now you can forget about the dust you have to breathe in every day, about the spiders weaving the nets in the corners of your rooms, nasty smells and many other unpleasant things you had to deal with before getting to know our cleaning company.

We can cope with any kind and size of dirt, even if it has never been cleaned before. Just trust us your precious house and we will turn it into an absolutely immaculate palace.